Shopping Cart

The last few innovations in ROES that are located in the Shopping Cart screen.  First off you will notice that “Special Instructions” is no longer a button but a box at the top right of the screen, to type in your message just check the Special Instructions box and type away.  You will also notice that at the bottom of the shopping cart you will find a handful of information including sales tax, how many prints you are ordering, how many images your using, the collective size of the images and the total price.  The big change though in this screen is the “Save” button on the bottom right. Click the button, type in the name you want to save it as, press enter and ROES will automatically save the order and show it in your “Saved Order” screen instead of browsing for it.  To find the order in your PC just go into your C-drive, Documents and Settings, select your user, click on the .Apollo folder and you will see a “saved” folder with you saved jobs.

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