New Feature: Favorites

Two new features found in the workspace of ROES is “Favorites” and also “Packages and Events” (the “Events” part of “Packager” I will explain later). First off you will find two buttons for “Favorites” on the bottom left of the screen, the first will have a heart with Favorites beside it (which I will refer to as just Favorites button), the other will have a heart with a green plus sign (referred to as Save(d) Favorite button). If you click on Favorites then you will see the product box changes to two tabs, one saving Favorites and the other with just a plus sign.  With these you can create different tabs of favorites (for example a tab for print favorites, one for card favorites and one for book favorites) and within these tabs you can add any product you want.  One thing to keep in mind is that you can see and even access these favorites in any product catalog but you can only add those favorites to the shopping cart when you are in the corresponding catalog.  All you have to do to add a product to favorites is to find the product in the catalog, select the product so it appears in the workspace, then click the Save Favorite and type the name and press enter.

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