New Feature: Packages in the Workspace

packages2The other new tool to streamline ordering is found in the workspace area in your selected catalog which is part of “Packages and Events” located on the far left in the middle workspace bar with an icon of three stacked squares called “Packages and Cluster Controls”.  This is one of the best tools ROES has added because with it you can easily create a collage/package with one image that spans over multiple sized prints.  You can easily create a package of your favorite products.  In the selected Catalog, click on a product so that it appears in the workspace and then click on the “Packages and Cluster Controls” button (circled in red above).  Next, drag a different product over and drop it in the workspace.  You now have two products in the same workspace.  Continue to drop images into the workspace of as many products as you desire to create a package within that catalog.

Hover your mouse over a blue cross arrows in order to be able to move the product within the workspace or continue to drag and drop other products over into the workspace.  After you have your products in the workspace, drag and drop an image into one of the products and notice that it populates all products, adjust the crop or zoom and it will affect all the products in the workspace as well.  If you want to change a single product on its own, hover your mouse over that product and click the blue “Link” button on the bottom right of the product and then change it without affecting the other products in the package.

If you would like to order a specific quantity of a particular product for all future orders of that package, click on the image, click on the quantity box and change from 1 to the desired quantity and hit enter.  When you view your order in the View Cart screen, the product quantities in that package will reflect those specified without the need to change the quantities on this page.  From here you can click the Add to Favorites button (heart+ symbol) and save the package to use in the future.  Name the package favorite, hit enter and then add to cart.  Remember you must be in the corresponding catalog to order packed products.

Now to make a collage of the selected products click the “Span Image” button that shows up above the Quantity and Add to Cart line.  Now your single image spans over the entire group of products, move your products around to the positions you like, select the finishing options and add to cart to receive a group of mounted prints that will take up any customer’s wall space with a unique collage!

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