Work-space Layout

Now jumping into the catalogs (through either clicking a link on the home page or by clicking “Catalog” in the top right) you will notice that the center is still your workspace, the right side is where your images are, on the top left are the products and on the bottom left are your options.  Let’s first start off with the “image” column.  You can now upload multiple folders in ROES at once by simply clicking “Add image folder” on the bottom.  For those who use Lightroom, you will enjoy this next part, by clicking the icon to the right of images (the one that looks like an arrow pointing down into a box) your image column will be moved to the bottom of ROES allowing you to slide through your images like a film strip.

Switching to the left side of the Catalog screen you will now notice that Catalogs, Products and Options have been brought out and are not buttons with little drop down menu’s.  If you are using a Mac then instead of tabs you have a left and right arrow to switch between products.  This makes it much easier to switch between products as well as to know what options and sizes are available in the product type.

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