Saving the Rabbit

Just recently Lab Apollo had a furry visitor stuck in the building.


On Monday we noticed that there seemed to be some activity in the dark, damp basement.  Our curiosity was sparked immediately as the only way to the basement was trough a trap door, on which a filing cabinet stands over.  How did something get down there and what was it?  With flashlights in hand Jason and I descended down the ladder to the depths below.  Pallets on the floor made visibility poor but after a brief sweep on the room our lights were reflected back to us through a small rabbits eye’s.  With cardboard we cornered him into trash can that we used to export him outside the building.   We could tell he was frightened and not used to the sun as he stayed still for 20 minutes but if you walk by the bushes outside of our building today, you might just see him hop away!  A Lab Apollo catch and release success story!



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