A Guide for new customers into Lab Apollo and ROES

New to Lab Apollo and want to get set up to order through our Lab Apollo ROES software?

Simply start by creating an account with us at labapollo.com.

create an account

After you’ve created an account go ahead and download the software in our “Resources” tab and click Download Apollo ROES.  You should be taken to a screen looking like this:


The download process should start immediately but if not click the link (circled in the above thumbnail) “click here to launch.”  Allow the launch.jnp file to run and Lab Apollo ROES will now be on your computer.

When you first open Lab Apollo ROES you will have to enter your 7 digit username and password (set up when

you created you’re account on Lab Apollo).


After you log in you now can order prints, photo books, greeting cards, image wraps and much more.  Either click “Catalog” on the top right to enter into Photo Prints or use the hot links at the bottom to immediately jump into any catalog.

hot links

Once into the Ordering screen you will see tabs on the top right indicating the different types of products in the catalog, followed by size and type of products.  Click on a product and it will show up in the center of the screen where you can add your images into it.

You will see “Options” on the bottom right.  Depending on the product you may have options to add mounting to your photographic print, retouching for your image, font size and type, return address printing for cards and much more.

There are two ways to add images into ROES.  One was is that you can have a second screen open outside of ROES and drag and drop your images into the product of ROES to populate.  The second way is to open up your folders in ROES itself.  To do this click the “Add image folders” and browse to your folder.

add images

After you have your image in the product simply click “Add to Cart” on the bottom right of the center screen.  Continue to add your images into your favorite products and when you are ready to send the order through click on “View Cart.”

Once in the Cart you will notice that in the top right there is an option to send  “Special Instructions”.  Feel free to utilize this to emphasize any questions you may have about your images, or products.  Use it to tell us if you need the order rushed and what day you need it by or use it to expand upon you art retouching you may want.

To finish click “Complete and Send Order” at the bottom right, select your shipping method, payment type and wait as your order is packaged up and sent to us!  A e-mail will be sent to you shortly after you send the order with an order number that you can use if you need to contact us and have any questions.

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