March’s Featured Photographer

“An artist with a camera is the way I approach image making. In college, I was a student of film, trained to look for the story. Eventually I moved on to photography and took my ideas from filmmaking to the single frame.” Cherrie Hanson

In screenwriting class, our professor declared there were really only two stories to tell: the stranger that came to town, and unrequited love. When a fascinating subject shows up, I examine it with my “other eyes” (the camera) and the insatiable affair begins.

The Bubble project began in 2006. At that time, I was on a deep spiritual quest. The evening before the first photo shoot I had a dream so profound, mystic and unforgettable it became the event that marked my destiny with the bubbles.

Every year after, on the same week and location, I shot hundreds of images every day. Hand-held and fast paced, collecting the magical moments was an intense physical workout. In their natural state, the bubbles needed nothing but ink and paper to show their facets, so I purposely kept the post production minimal. What you see is what I got. There is an unmistakable aliveness or anamorphic quality in the result. I am grateful that their supernatural essence translated to print because that precisely what made the actual experience so enchanting.

The Bubbles have been shown at Art & Soul Gallery, Mary Krimmer’s gallery at Soups On, and VP Gallery in the 3rd Ward.

Now you can find them at:

Other collections include The Rescue Mission, Gay Pride Parade, and portraits of Palestinian friends, but I think I will always be known for my collection of BUBBLES.

IMG_0978 IMG_0296 -2 IMG_0486 IMG_0347

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