Wildlife Photography in Africa part 2

The baby elephant peeked behind his mothers back legs as the mother African elephant faced us and raised her trunk to smell the air. We were about fifty yards away in the safety of a Land Rover, with our guides Daniel and Dorea Du toit, who were focused on the behavior of the elephants, ready to make a fast exit at anytime. It was breathtaking to see this.

It sounded like machine gun fire as the photographers in our vehicle had rapid fire dialed in on their camera shutter button. “What an extraordinary experience” one photographer shouted after the two elephants turned around and slowly walked away.

However, this incredible experience became an almost everyday experience as we traveled South Africa with Kolobe Safaris. We would have daily encounters with wild African animals, much to the delight of the photographers who were along. There were a plethora of photo opportunities. Everything from encounters with open mouthed hippo’s to monkeys to cape buffalo to lions to almost any kind of animal in South Africa and a huge array of stunning looking birds.

Going on an African photo safari is on the bucket list of many photographers who are looking to photograph wild animals in their natural habitat. Being led by seasoned, professional, and fun guides who know where to look for the animals is what sets this experience apart. During an eight day photo safari trip, a photographer could take between 2,500 and 20,000 images.

In addition to all of the wild animal encounters, every morning and every evening would bring world class photo opportunities of some of the best sunrises and sunsets on the planet.

It is an easy flight to South Africa and when you land on African soil, you are completely taken care of by some of the most knowledgeable and personable guides that I have ever dealt with. If you are interested in investigating this trip of a lifetime for yourself, or with and a spouse or a small group of friends, I would be happy to talk to you about this opportunity.

Jeff Engel



lion hippo elephant water-buffalo zebra water-buffalo-2

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