Local Marketing is Important

Improve the Online Presence of Your Photography Business

Lab Apollo’s online marketing service connects consumers and photographers simply and cost-effectively. Our approach to signing up photographers that are transitioning their marketing online is simple, today we work with hundreds of photographers across North America. Let us review your online presence and offer our marketing expertise that includes a comprehensive free online review, consistent distribution to hundreds of Local Online Directories, SEO, and Directory Content Creation

We List Your Photography Business Profile in Directories and Maps

Your website is up and running- we make your online web presence even stronger through important properties like Google Places™, Google+, Yahoo!® Local, MSN, and Yelp. The more your Photography Business appears in online networks and directories like these, the more credible you become in the eyes of search engines and customers alike. We will improve your online presence quickly with our proven local marketing strategies.

We Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Support

Your web presence is the foundation of your online marketing. So we provide Keyword support and monitoring, making sure the key words you use are providing the local search results you need. We take care of all the Search Engine Optimization. This means you have more time to focus on your daily Photography Business needs.

We Create Content Linked to Your Online Business Presence

In the community your photography business serves we provide relevant content to keep you front of mind. We will connect you to the clients that are relevant to your business. Wedding photography, senior portraits, family portraits; whatever photography services best represent you, we will provide online content buyers are searching enabling them to find you.

Local Marketing results with Three Simple Steps

  • Enhanced Online Presence
  • Better SEO
  • Online Content

Affordable Pricing 

Our intent is to see your web presence grow, improving local leads and generating sales for you.  Online presence is the foundation to a successful photography business. Lab Apollo makes it affordable. Online presence is about priorities and we see these as getting appointments, more sessions booked and selling product. Once your photography business has the foundation of a strong online presence you may update your priorities. We recommend a nice vacation, you can afford it!


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Call us today 414-545-1270.

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