Wedding Studio Set Photo Book Binding

Wedding Photo Album PUR Binding.

All of the binding by Lab Apollo is of the highest quality and was commented on in the following testimonial from Jack Roper.

What is PUR binding? for photo books?  The process, chosen by Lab Apollo, produces the best results for quality wedding albums.

Leather Cover PUR Bound Photo Book

Sample of Lab Apollo’s PUR books.

Dear Lab Apollo:

A friend of mine asked me to photo scan a picture from a very fragile book. During the process, the back binding of this 1000 page book came loose. I wanted to return the book to its owner in a better condition. I asked Lab Apollo to see if it was possible to repair the book. They relied that the binding could be repaired and made sturdier than before.  At this facility, the “Perfect Binder” process was applied to this memorable treasure. My friend’s dad was pictured in this book.

Lab Apollo reinforced the back of this book with a new and secure binding process. This will keep its contents preserved for many more years for her family members. The preservation of this old but now newly restored history book will bring future joy to its owner and  its readers.


Jack Roper – Professional photographer

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