June Featured Photographer

By BEST Photography’s Pat Hitt

Change is Opportunity!


“I love change!” says Pat Hitt, photographer at BEST Photography. “It keeps me from being bored!”

That pretty much sums up his portrait studio business over the past 30 years.

Hitt opened You-Nique Photography in downtown Mukwonago in the bygone days of developer, stop bath, and fixer. Anyone remember that? He sent his film to “Color World” in Butler, WI back then, followed by “SupraColor” of New Berlin, WI. He switched to “Apollo,” formerly “Risser,” in 1994 and has been with them ever since.

Changing his studio name to “BEST Photography” last year was a “rebranding” move to take advantage of internet search engines and social media. The move was tied into a “Best Business” contest in the Lake Country area, in which Hitt won “Best Photographer” for three years in a row.

“It incorporates all aspects of photography within the digital revolution of the photographic industry,” said Hitt, of the new name. “I am doing a lot more business and commercial shoots. I still specialize in people photography (portraits), but I am also branching out more and more into product photography.

Hitt bought the old Post Office building in Mukwonago about 15 years ago, which he transformed into a beautiful 4000 square foot studio, in which he can accommodate very large families and larger-scale commercial shoots. “Outdoor family portraits are great,” he says, “but I always have a backup plan.”

He designed the shooting area with lots of theatrical-style sets and props, so that he can complete a sixty-pose senior session in less than an hour. Pat calls the studio his “little Hollywood of Mukwonago.”

“I love the fact that people trust me enough with the most important photos of their lives.” Hitt says being a photographer is one of the most rewarding professions. “People smile at me all day long; what’s better than that?”

Hitt says he’s lucky to have experienced both old-school and new digital era photography. “There was nothing like watching a picture develop in front of your eyes, but the magic of Photoshop is just as awesome,” he says. “An unknown author once said, ‘If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies’.”

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