July Featured Photographer

MOSAIC1distinctive –  from her name to her creative style, d’Layne stands out.  “I love having an unusual name.  It allows me to embrace being unique, creative, and even a little weird!”
Owner of distinctively d’Layne photography, a portrait studio in Boulder, Colorado, d’Layne has been in the business of capturing personality since 2002.  “I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was a child—anyone remember those old 110 film cameras?”  Yet, she wasn’t always focused on making photography a career.  While studying at Stanford University (d’Layne earned a BA in Health and Developmental Psychology and an MA in Education), she fed her hobby by taking photography classes “just for fun.” After spending many years serving in the non-profit world, she made a career jump into pro photography.  “And I’ve never looked back.  Portraiture is so challenging, but also fun and rewarding!”
Photographers spend their time searching for and manipulating light to create the perfect image.  “For me,” d’Layne explains, “another essential light to capture is the spark emanating from within the subject.”  In this image conscious world where society constantly defines beauty in external and less attainable ways, her clients walk away from their shoots feeling beautiful and special.  “Portraiture isn’t just about making a beautiful image—it’s about creating a meaningful client experience.”
“I am moved by the power of portraiture.  Subjects battling challenges with low self-image, difficult relationships, or grief find their portrait session not only fun, but therapeutic.  That connection and experience is touching for both of us.  Let’s face it – in all aspects of life, especially in our business, the more you give, the more you receive.”
Her clients appreciate her willingness to do whatever it takes to elicit the best expressions and record unique images.  She is one of those photographers who will be silly with kids, wade into freezing water, or lay down in the middle of a stable.  “Photographing people has always been my passion: I see a beautiful sunset or mountain scene and I want to add a person into the foreground to make a portrait.”  Because she works in a beautiful city nestled beneath the majestic Rocky Mountains, d’Layne regularly meets clients on location and studio work has become more the exception. 
“Photography keeps challenging and engaging me in ways I never foresaw.  I’m totally hooked!”

d’Layne Kerr-Layton, owner
distinctively d’Layne photography
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