August Featured Photographer

COLLAGEErol Reyal is a freelance advertising and editorial photographer who contributes to magazines and newspapers as well as for The New York Times nationally and overseas. He photographs assignments for architects, home builders, interior designers, advertising agencies, corporations, travel and fashion publications.

     Thank-you Lab Apollo for choosing me as the August Featured Photographer.
     I want to recognize Apollo for the fine professional work and services that they provide to the photography industry. Just recently they printed enlargements of a couple of digital images for me, and I was happy with the results. The first photo was taken on the Greek island of Symi, see: Stairs, and the second image : Seals, I captured on my way traveling up the coast to Monterey,California.
     I’m constantly amazed at just during the course of my life, technology has enormously changed the way we make pictures.
     When I was a child, my parents and I would often visit relatives in Norway, Germany and Turkey. I loved traveling to these far off and exotic destinations and started out photographing back in 1962 at the age of 8 with a vintage (new at the time) Polaroid Land Camera Model 95. The B&W image would appear like magic after a few minutes of developing by peeling a thin negative layer from the positive print. I was hooked on photography! A year later in 1963, Kodak came out with the Instamatic 126 easy load cartridge camera that offered you the option of color slides or prints. During the 1970’s my camera of choice was a Minolta SR-T 101. It sounded like a mouse trap going off, but the lenses were great quality and it was one of the first camera’s to have a full aperture metering system.
     In 1980, I started my professional career as a studio and portrait photographer. I was hired by  Cilento Photography Studios. Tony Cilento, Master Photographer, personally taught me the fine art of portraiture. I was the manager and head photographer of his studio located on the West side of Milwaukee.
     I opened my own full service photography studio in the mid 80’s but soon I realized that photographing clients on location was my forte. This also eliminated my overhead expenses of paying rent and utilities. I specialized in portraits, architecture, advertising and photojournalism.
     As a freelance photographer, I found myself taking on more news and publication assignments. In 1995, my wife, Artist, Nancy McGee, was the head of printmaking at the Milwaukee institute of Art & Design. She was granted her sabbatical and we moved to Berlin, Germany. I photographed for the Berlin bureau of the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe and New York Times newspapers.
     I’ve been very fortunate during my career to collaborate and work with some of the finest journalists in the media. I have been a regular photo contributor to the see: New York Times since 1995 when we lived in Berlin.
   Locally, I photographed for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for six years as head photographer of the special sections and advertising publications.
     Select clients include: Miller/Coors,  Hal Leonard, GE Medical, EUA Architects, Associated Bank, and the Biz Times.
   I’m a member of National Press Photographers Association. The NPPA is the voice advocating for the work and rights of visual journalists promoting freedom of the press in all forms. Know your rights as a photographer! See: Pride or Advertising? Published in the Milwaukee Journal on June 14,1983.
 Les Paul-Erol Reyal©1390
Erol Reyal
1726 North First Street
Milwaukee,WI 53212 U.S.A.

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