September Featured Photographer


Michael and Jasmine Photography Studios has always taken the approach that two heads are better than one….  Jasmine brings her youthful idealism and creativity to counter Michael’s gravitas and practical view of the world… or is it the other way around?  In any case, together they strive to create memorable and meaningful images for their clients.

Michael Tucker was a high school teacher that “accidentally” fell into the world of photography back in 2003. While searching for a class to take to renew his teaching license, he decided to take a photography course. After just one course, students and their families recognized his passion and soon were asking to have their pictures done.  By the year’­s end he was doing half of the graduating classes’ senior pictures.  This soon led to family pictures which led to weddings which led to maternity pictures.  Within a few years, photography began to overwhelm his teaching career and he decided to focus on photography full-time.

Jasmine Campbell was a high school student back in 2004 when she became Michael’s assistant. After completing high school, Jasmine decided to pursue her growing love for photography by attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a focus on photography. With the unique opportunity of being a co-owner of a photography studio while still in college, Jasmine was quickly able to hone her skills and transfer everything she learned directly to the studio. Her keen eye for detail and background in computer graphics and design made her partnership with Michael a perfect fit.
Today the two work together as partners in Michael and Jasmine Photography Studios and are quickly becoming well-known in the Milwaukee area and surrounding communities for their creativity, friendliness, and very unique photography and editing skills.
Title Card
Michael Tucker & Jasmine Campbell

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