Post Processing Opportunities

Meet our January Feature Photographer:  

 apollo_12 head shot   Limburgs’ Visions  by Jim Limburg, Ph.D.

I am an amateur photographer. I enjoy this status because it gives me the freedom to try new things and experiment with both capture and post-processing ends of photography. In addition to capturing and post processing, I have taught Nature Photography, displayed images in juried shows and won many photo contest.

In a beginning like many bit baby boomers I started out in the dark room developing black and white prints. It was so exciting to see the pictures jump off the paper in the development process. The darkroom was a good place to learn the importance of controlling exposure. At the turn of the century, I moved to a digital camera and really began to enjoy post processing. The control and artistic expression that digital processing affords one is an adrenalin rush.

Experimentation with capture and post-processing techniques is the driving force that keeps my interest in photography and digital art. Panoramic images drew me into digital photography but the lack of quality printing services and the limited display options quickly led to exploring landscape and nature photography. I enjoy sitting in a blind to get a shot of nestling hawks and the wait for the light to be just right on landscape shots. The thrill is in the hunt to get the one good image of the day. As part of the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program, I had the opportunity to do some close up work with raptors.  The close up detail gave me a greater appreciation of macro photography. It is still a goal to achieve the intersection of nature and close up work that Elliot Porter’s work epitomizes.

The opportunities with post processing have grown exponentially over the last coupe of decades. This allows me to continue learning. Stitching panoramas, HDR, focus stacking, digital painting, time-lapse, compositing and even printing digital files on transparencies to be printed in the darkroom are all techniques that I employ in order to make the image match my vision. Creating the great image is all about matching the artist’s vision. I believe that is what is needed to move beyond documenting last summer’s vacation.

Lab Apollo opened up the opportunity to compete successfully in the print categories for me. The print is the trophy at the end of the process.

Jim Limburg

apollo_10 apollo_9 apollo_8 apollo_7 apollo_6 apollo_5 apollo_4 apollo_3 apollo_2 apollo_1

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