The Art and Fine Art Tips of Lori McNee

How To Take Photos Of Your Artwork Like A Pro Once you have finished your artwork, the next logical step is to create a digital copy that you can store in your computer. This is done so you can share your work online with other artists for comments or print it out to be included…

Improving Your Photographic Composition

5 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TIPS, including 70+ examples with Michelle Doherty Photography This fast-paced tutorial demonstrates 5 different way to improve your photographic composition.  #1. The rule of thirds (and breaking it while still finding balance within the frame) View Video here:

LARGE Print Savings!

Enjoy 20% Savings on 16 x 20 Prints and Larger… Enter Coupon Code: LARGEPRINTS20 at checkout in ROES E-surface/Luster paper and Metallic paper Promotional offer good through February 28th, 2015 (Finishing and retouching services not included in discount)

Aerial Photography at the Outer Limits and Discount on Large Prints!

Meet our February Featured Photographer: ¬†John Flaig Going Above and Beyond: Aerial Photography at the Outer Limits Origins of Near Space Photography In 2012 parachutist Felix Baumgartner astonished the world when he leapt from a helium balloon floating 128,000 feet over New Mexico. Safe inside a pressure suit, Baumgartner had entered the deadly environment known…