From an Underground Artist to an Official Business Entity

Meet our March Feature Photographer/Artist/Author:

IMG_4579My name is Christopher McIntyre Perceptions. I am a 25 year old professional artist born & raised in Milwaukee, WI. I come from a war torn environment that was fully equipped with gun shots, stress, lack of economic stability, post traumatic stress disorder, rogue souls that only exist for the sake of making a profit from someone’s pain, police sirens & darkness, I found myself able to also walk in the light of politicians, entrepreneurs, messengers of God’s Gospel, creatives as well as people who simply carry love as medicine.
Aside from being an artist, a community member, a City Hall committee member, a Milwaukee Art Museum committee member, a business owner, a poet & a soon to be husband, I am also an author. The reason why I am able to apply for this now is because of divine providence along with seeing the value of collaboration. With collaboration comes the possibility of growth. With my company, CM Perceptions LLC, it is in a place of growth as I have spent years cultivating a following as an underground artist but I have become an official business entity with my audience growing very quickly.


My photographs are snapshots of my invisible diary that I open up to the world for mass interpretation. The pieces that I share are birthed from human emotions everyone can identify with. They carry heavy contrast, faint light and an unspoken message. I do not classify myself as a specific type of photographer because my specification is subject to my perception as the artist and the interpretation of the beholder. I believe that being an artist is less of a task or a facade that one masquerades in but rather a lifestyle that is a natural trait in which you operate, no matter what specific artistic medium is chosen. I think in photographs, I am constantly taking pictures even when I do not carry the tool of a camera. My final work of art will be completed once all of my pictures are pieced together in museums of the world or alive in the museum of someone’s heart. Art doesn’t imitate life. Art is a reflection of life. Therefore, ARTLife. If I am not making you think, then I am not doing my job. Art is a fruit of my process but it’s deeper than art. The root of the fruit is revolution of the soul.The Future

CMPerceptions LLC interlaces art, revolution & spirituality into one focus with a global vision of cultivating cultures within every generation of innovation, fueled by art that has a revolutionary molding, rooted in Christian foundations. As alliances are forged, services such as fine art photography, documentary film, creative consulting, positive propaganda, guerrilla marketing, community rebuilding through cultural perceptive means & more will be available to a screened clientele base yet presented onto a worldwide stage.

Higher Thought_



MV Cover

Memoirs & Visions

Imagine having a mother who has church ties that opened to a world of entrepreneurs, millionaires, politicians as well as preachers. Then imagine having a father who is in the streets opening up a world of drug dealers, pimps, thieves as well as other forms of darkness. Now, envision yourself a child growing up visiting two worlds up close with your only way of releasing being through art. This is my story. This is 25 years of life captured in 100+ pages in the form of poetry, artwork as well as an autobiography.

“Memoirs & Visions” is available on the iBooks & Kindle stores for only $4.99!

In this book, I hold nothing back.  From failures, successes, alliances & betrayals. Everything is out in the open.


If you have an iPad or a Mac computer, I would encourage you to purchase the book through iBooks for the best experience.  If you have an iPhone or smartphone of some kind, I would encourage you to download the free “Kindle” app to purchase & experience the book.

During the week of February 8th, Memoirs & Visions peaked to the top – 10 best sellers in the photojournalism section of Amazon’s ebooks! I would encourage you to purchase it to learn more about my story, poetic mind as well as my portfolio.

Upcoming Events:

I will be showcasing in the “Justified Art!” exhibition at the Overture Center for the Arts from March 10th – May 31st! I look forward to seeing you at the public reception on May 1st at the Overture Center for the Arts, located on 201 State St, Madison, WI!

I will be one of 43 artists showcasing in the “43 Voices” exhibition at Arts @ Large, located on 908 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI. 43 Voices will be open from March 27th to April 9th with community programming to take place throughout the duration of the exhibition.

I will be showcasing my newest commission called “Salon Stories”, 10 black & white photographic pieces, at the Milwaukee Art Museum, located on 700 N. Art Museum Drive, Milwaukee, WI, during Beauty In Bloom from March 26th – 29th. I will also have signed, limited edition prints on site for each piece. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever. Only 10 of each photograph will be printed.

Lastly, you are invited to Art Madness, taking place on March 7th from 12PM – 3PM, at RedLine MKE, located on 1422 N. 4th Street, Milwaukee WI! Art Madness is a showcase event featuring local & regional arts, education & cultural institutions. It is geared toward people who love art, artists, high school / college students & families. I will be doing an electronic book signing for my new eBook “Memoirs & Visions”.

For those who commit to purchasing the eBook, a limited edition print, signed & numbered, will be distributed along with it.

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___Broken Genius_

Visit to learn more about my newest & most impactful project yet called “Br(OK)en Genius” & if it is something you like, you can support us by donating toward the cause here via PayPal at:

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